At ACTS, we understand the intricacy of construction. First and foremost, we are devoted to helping our clients implement project specifications cost-effectively and understand the regulations, requirements, certifications, and best practices that lead to quality construction.

With our consultancy on your side, you can rest assured that your project will greatly improve in quality of construction. Our team spans a wide range of expertise, which means we are able to look at every aspect of the concrete construction process, from specifying materials and methods to ensuring lasting longevity and durability.

All of our consulting projects encapsulate four simple and essential steps:

Safety and practicality

Budget and life cycle cost

Method to ensure durability and sustainability

Environmental impact assessment

With decades of experience and exposure to the most challenging projects, our consultancy team is proud to have earned the trust of clients, engineers and contractors around the world for helping to ensure that the project’s specifications were met while the intended vision was achieved.
We strive to deliver the best possible expertise on construction and quality standards, and also provide the project’s stakeholders with a high value for their investment in materials, concrete, asphalt and their constituents. Some of the most common consultancy services we provide for our clients include:

Concrete Quality Control for Large Construction Projects
Structural Assessment and Non-Destructive Evaluation