Environmental Testing and Services

Equipped with the most advanced instruments and tools for testing and investigation, ACTS is your one-stop partner in establishing the baselines and analysis of environmental parameters (petroleum products, VOCs, BTEX, heavy metals and other contaminants) in accordance to international (BS, USEPA, APHA-AWWA) and local standard specifications.

ACTS established state-of-the-art environmental testing and assessment facilities, offering a comprehensive range of analytical, monitoring and technical support services, specialized in:

Environmental Site Services

Soil Analyses

Water and Wastewater Analyses

We perform advanced testing and chemical analyses on soils, water, waste and other materials, assuring the quality & integrity of results; thus enabling the clients to generate conclusive study for inherent and relevant environmental conditions.


We are the official and only local training provider for the ASTM “Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Processes” in the Middle East.

Environmental Site Assessment

In addition to being the local ASTM training provider, ACTS conducts phase I and phase II environmental site assessments to clearly determine a property’s environmental condition and risks, according to ASTM and local guidelines.

NRMCA Green-Star Certification

The NRMCA Green-Star Program has been designed as a means to support the efforts of the ready mixed concrete industry towards environmental excellence.
Also considered as one of ACTS’ latest certification programs in the Middle East, ACTS green-star auditors will ensure that the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) of a concrete production facility is properly used as a tool for environmental benchmarking and continual improvement.