Geotechnical Engineering

Our proficient team of geotechnical engineers, geophysicists, and geologists understand what’s going on under the surface of your next project, and they have the expertise to ensure success in a wide range of subsurface conditions.

Our ground investigations and plans always incorporate the most modern, cost-effective, and practical techniques available, and we use up-to-the-minute design aid software to ensure the best solutions for every subsurface condition.

Our Geotechnical Engineering team conducts extensive subsurface investigation works, in site testing, and an array of drilling techniques with our own drilling rigs, so you can be assured that the solutions we recommend to you have always been thoroughly tested and analyzed by experts, as well as conducted in accordance with ASTM, Eurocode 7, BSI, and industry-applicable standards.

We offer consultation, site inspection, and geotechnical engineering services including:

Geotechnical site investigations


Offshore Drilling

In-situ testing of rock and soil strata

Laboratory testing of soil, rock and water

Dewatering and pumping tests

Geotechnical engineering

Foundational analysis and design

Shoring and retaining structures

Anchoring and nailing systems

Soil stabilization techniques

Engineered fill and compaction

Soil improvement

Environmental engineering, monitoring and apparatus installation

Installing and monitoring environmental ground wells

Air quality monitoring equipment

Noise detection

Environmental assessment and studies

Landfills and waste disposal

Geophysical surveys

Cavity mapping

Dynamic properties of the sub-strata determination

Formation identification

Utility mapping

Bathymetric surveys

Foundation inspection and testing

Pile inspection

Pile testing



Dynamic load testing

Caliper logging

Pavement survey and assessment

Visual inspection and Non Destructive Testing

Friction testing

Static and Dynamic deflection measurements with our Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD)

Determination of Pavement Classification Number (PCN) for ICAO certification

Pavement management system design and implementation

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys

Density measurements of pavements and base layers