Materials Engineer

Abdelrahman Ali

  • KSA
  • Anywhere

Materials Engineer Requirements:

  • BSc in Civil Engineering
  • 8 years of experience in the field of Materials Testing
  • Saudi or Non-Saudi (must have transferable Saudi Iqama)
  • Location – Saudi Arabia
  • Strong command of English and Arabic


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Supervises and reviews the preparations of material testing method statements.
  • Concrete Aggregate: Knowledgeable with all practices required for the evaluation of fresh and hardened concrete and concrete aggregate used in construction.
  • Steel: Knowledgeable with the required criteria (Physical, Mechanical and Chemical) used in the testing evaluation and examination for specification-conformance of steel.
  • Soil and Rocks: Capable of performing, supervising and evaluating test results and providing guidance for personnel engaged in testing soil and rocks in accordance with ASTM.
  • Conduct and review processes and trials for Mix Design of concrete.
  • Supervise batch trials and check if it meets the requirement of design mix.
  • Check Strength and Durability analyses of concrete.
  • Prepares technical reports and material testing submittals.
  • Review project Specifications and update them in accordance with recent standards and site conditions.
  • Assign tasks for the technicians in each department (soil, aggregates, concrete and durability).
  • Raw Material testing (Aggregates, Sand, Chemical admixtures, Fly ash, Micro Silica) according to international codes such as ASTM to check the compliance with project specification and standard.
  • Proceed with Trial Mix Design for approved raw material to get the most economical adequate design mix.
  • Asphalt and Bitumen – Capable of performing, supervising and evaluating test results and providing guidelines for personnel engaged in testing asphalt and bitumen in accordance with ASTM.
  • Identifies and develops new services and features to meet current and future customer needs.
  • Researches and documents new technologies which may assist in growth of the company’s testing capabilities.
  • Provides technical support to technical issues in all departments, acts as mentor to develop new engineers.
  • Supervises routine testing activities with strict adherence to quality parameters and advises clients about various testing requirements as well as maintaining internal quality records of the project.
  • Identifies and replicates best practices and services in the company.
  • Attends progress meetings, discuss and suggest technical proposals.
  • Take part in the project management review and risk management review.
  • Provides design and details support to develop project and site works.
  • Performs failure analysis jobs and reports technical findings & evidences, conclusions, and recommendation.
  • Writes and reviews project technical reports.
  • Oversees the direction of samples when required to the approved subcontractors.
  • Maintains and keeps updated technical references, relevant codes and standards.
  • Recommends measures to improve testing procedures and use of equipment.
  • Responsible for the project compliance with technical specifications and the operation compliance with prevailing standards and procedures for testing and interpretation
  • Maintains organized and detailed project records.


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