Material Testing

When contractors are made responsible for evaluating and approving their own works and materials, it is nearly inevitable that disputes will arise. We help our clients avoid these conflicts by providing expert third-party testing for major construction projects.

Our advanced laboratory testing facilities are equipped with the finest testing and analysis equipment, and our ACI-certified staff has long experience in construction materials testing.

We analyze the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of all your construction materials, including concrete, aggregates, asphalt, bitumen, building stone, cement, cementitious material, concrete additives, masonry blocks, paving blocks, rock, soil, steel, water, paint and many other materials.

For clients who need on-site testing, we are able to quickly mobilize, install and manage a full-scale laboratory on site that is capable of handling all the physical and chemical testing necessary for a major construction project. Our on-site laboratory receives frequent technical back-up from our more extensive central laboratories, ensuring that you have access to the full range of our facilities even when you need our team on site.

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in adapting the latest advancements in concrete and asphalt technologies to local practices and specifications in the MENA region. We have spent many years working with the ACI and ASTM committees and the Asphalt Institute to make these adaptations possible, and we are currently able to provide many materials testing services not available elsewhere, including:

Non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT)
Durability assessment
Long-term materials properties