Nondestructive Testing

ACTS presents the most advanced technology in nondestructive testing using reputable and up-to-date equipment led by certified and well experienced NDT experts.

Conventional Welding NDT

Liquid Penetrant Testing
A low-cost testing that is used to detect surface discontinuities in sold material by applying a penetrant to the object surface

Magnetic Particle Testing
Used to determine discontinuities in ferromagnetic material by objecting the surface to a magnetic flux which leaks in the presence of discontinuity

Radiographic Testing
Includes emitting X-ray or gamma rays from a radioactive body to make a comprehensive analysis related to the location and size of discontinuities

Ultrasonic Testing
Efficiently used in detecting weld discontinuity, thickness measurements, and corrosion surveys

Eddy Current Testing
Used to instantly detect surface and subsurface discontinuities in conductive materials

Visual Testing
Examines the appearance of the material for any indication of non-conformity

Infrared/Thermal Testing
An effective, convenient, and economical method that measures and maps surface temperatures

Advanced NDT Solutions

Tube Inspection
A combination of methods for nondestructive testing of pipes and tubes with small diameters

Phased Array/ToFD Ultrasonic Testing
The latest techniques used to ultrasonically test weld quality and corrosion mapping

Magnetic Flux Leakage Test
Used to determine the corrosion level in steel floors of storage tanks

Guided Wave Testing (LRUT)
Used for screening the corrosion in pipelines, which can cover 100m from one testing point

Automated Ultrasonic Testing
A state-of-the-art method used to test pipeline girth welds during pipeline construction