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Sustainable Reconstruction

  22/09/2022   M√∂venpick Hotel - Beirut, Lebanon

Future Concrete Construction Conference 2022 covered the topics of “Sustainable Reconstruction”.

Local and international industry experts discussed the latest advances and new challenges in the construction industry.

The main topics of interest included:

  • Post-Disaster Management / Reconstruction.
  • Future Infrastructure plans for Lebanon.
  • Resilient Construction Materials.
  • Innovative Construction Solutions.
  • ACI Students Competition.

The highlights of the event:

  • A Keynote Address delivered by the Order of Engineers & Architects.
  • A Keynote Address delivered by the Ministry of Public Works & Transport.
  • A Keynote Address delivered by ACTS Chairman & ACI Past President Engr. Khaled Awad.
  • Announcement of the ACI Concrete Solutions Student's Competition.

ACI Concrete Solution Students Competition

  • This student competition aims to provide students with a means to exercise and display their creativity and knowledge while incentivizing their use of and learning about the world’s most used building material, concrete.
  • By  presenting  a   7-minutes long  video,  students  must  demonstrate  and/or explain  how  their  use  of  concrete  could  positively  impact   the  world   at   large. This  competition  is broad  in  its  scope – teams are encouraged  to use creative  means to present  and  explain their concrete approach or  solution to  a  broad audience  including why  it  should  interest the public at large.
  • The clarity and creativity of the  presentation,  the originality of the presented  solution, and  its potential impact on society were be the parameters determining the winners.
  • First and second place entries were awarded a certificate of recognition, recognized on the ACTS Website, and were financially rewarded.
    The first winner of the ACI 2022 Students Competition is the Islamic University team and the second winner of the ACI 2022 Students Competition is the Lebanese University – Roumieh branch.