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Engineering Services

Geotechnical Engineering
ACTS Geotechnical division consists of a team of geotechnical engineers, geophysicists and geologists equipped with a solid knowhow in a wide range of subsurface conditions. Our facilities and processes utilize the most modern, cost effective and practical techniques for ground investigations and solutions, as well as the most up to date design-aid software.
ACTS Geotechnical Engineering team operates several drilling rigs to perform various types of drilling techniques and in-situ testing for comprehensive subsurface investigation works. All field works are conducted in accordance with ASTM and BSI standards in addition to other industry applicable standards.
In addition, environmental and geophysical surveys are provided through affiliations with American and European world class companies. ACTS provide Geotechnical Engineering services in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and India. Our main services include:
• Geotechnical Investigations
          - Borehole Drilling
          - CPT Testing
          - Borehole Geophysical Surveys (P-S logging, acoustic televiewer, crosshole
            seismic and others)
          - Borehole in-situ tests (pressuremeter, Lugeon, …)
• Geotechnical Engineering and Design
• Geotechnical Consultancy and Supervision
• Probe Drilling, Diagraphy Drilling and Grouting of Cavities
• Foundation Inspection and Testing
• Geophysical Surveys for Utility Mapping, Cavity Mapping, Strata & Geology Mapping
• Geophysical Surveys Offshore (i.e. Bathymetric Surveys)
• Pavement Assessment and Non-destructive testing (FWD, RSP)
• Runways Assessment and Non-destructive testing (HWD – PCN determination)

Structural Assessment
ACTS consultancy team is comprised of concrete technologists and structural engineers who provide consulting services for condition assessment of existing structures. The structural assessment is done to determine how reliable the existing structure is able to carry current and future loads, and to assess its performance against its functional requirements for safety, durability, serviceability and appearance during its service life.
Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and service life prediction software, we provide the following:
• Structural Health Monitoring for Various Infrastructures (Bridges, Towers, Piles)
• Visual Condition Survey and Defects Mapping
• Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation for Concrete Integrity 
• Corrosion Activity and Rate for Embedded Steel Reinforcement by Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) Technique
• Detection of Embedded Steel Reinforcement and Concrete Cover by High-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar
• Concrete Coring and Laboratory Testing
• Concrete In-Situ Strength Evaluation
• Durability Assessment and Service Life Prediction by Computer Models
• Structural Evaluation and Design Review
• Materials Repair and Structural Retrofitting Consultancy Services
• BOQ and Specifications for Repair Operations
• Slab and Bridge Load Testing

Environmental Impact Assessment
ACTS conducts Environmental Impact Assessment Reports and Environmental Monitoring Plans to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a proposed project or development and to propose measures to mitigate the negative impacts.  EIA reports are prepared by a specialized team of environmental engineers & specialists that conduct a systematic analysis of the complete project life cycle.