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ACI Webinar - President’s Series: "Strategies For Effective Quality Control"

ACI Webinar - President’s Series: "Strategies For Effective Quality Control"

ACI Webinar - President’s Series: "Strategies for Effective Quality Control"  presented by ACI Past President and Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) Chairman Eng. Khaled Awad on February 2, 2021 (1:00pm - 2:00pm EST.)


Prevention of problems is better than having to cure them. The webinar will discuss the latest techniques in Quality Control applied to large scale projects with case studies. Concrete constituent materials evaluation with case studies in several projects in the Middle East will be discussed. Case studies will include alkali-silica reactivity, asbestos, high density aggregate weathering, high chloride materials content, cement type, and quality of cementitious materials. Discussion will also cover concrete mix design, selecting and balancing the right properties: compressive strength, flowability, pumpability, and modulus of elasticity.

Table of Contents

  1. Describe the importance of preplacing inspection and its effectiveness with a case study of a large hospital building.
  2. Summarize how formwork inspections are useful on projects, even when the specifications are unclear.
  3. Explain how to avoid the numerous possible concrete defects and understanding their root causes during a placing inspection.
  4. Review post placing inspections including case studies on massive concrete placements and tools for cracks prevention.

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