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Metallurgical Testing & Inspection Services At ACTS Branches In KSA

Metallurgical Testing & Inspection Services At ACTS Branches In KSA

Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) include a team of metallurgical inspectors and technologists certified as per NDT, CSWIP, BGAS and API Programs. This combination of knowledge and certifications gives the inspector a technical edge in thoroughly assessing any project requirements and observations. ACTS has as well the needed destructive and nondestructive testing equipment to complete any task. The range of these services includes the following:

– Welding NDT Visual Test (VT)
– Welding NDT Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)
– Welding NDT Magnetic Particle Test (MT)
– Welding NDT Ultrasonic Test (UT)
– Welding NDT Radiographic Test (RT)
– Welding NDT Eddie Current Test (ET)
– Welding NDT Thermography Test (TT)
– Welding NDT Vacuum Box Test (VBT)
– Welding NDT Acoustic Emission Test (AET)
– Welding NDT Electromagnetic Testing (EMT)
– Welding NDT Phassed Array Test (PA)
– Welding NDT Time of Flight Diffraction Test
– Welding NDT Automated Ultrasonic Test
– Welding NDT/DT Hardness Test
– Welding DT Tensile Test
– Welding DT Guided Bend Test
– Welding DT Macro etching Test
– Welding DT Charpy Impact Test
– Welding DT Fracture Test
– Welding Heat Treatment PWHT
– Certifying Welders
– Preparing/Reviewing of WPS (Prequalified)
– Preparing/Reviewing of WPS (Qualified)
– Preparing/Reviewing WPQR & WPQTs

ACTS have extensive experience in the technical evaluation and inspection of damaged structures that are suffering from any defective sign caused by corrosion, fire exposure, or mechanical impacts. Below is a list showing the various approaches of ACTS for such cases:

– Condition Assessment
– Performance Assessment
– Risk Based Assessment
– Fit for Services Assessment

The range of services are complemented with a thorough post-evaluation by ACTS team where the needed analysis, interpretations, evaluations, and final recommendations are combined in comprehensive factual reports, reaching the client’s satisfaction and needed ultimate cost-effective solutions.

Contact ACTS – KSA:
Head Office: Jeddah, Al Manar District (5)
T: 0126772983 F: 0126284990 C.R. 4030221168
P.O. Box 108558, Jeddah – Postal Code: 21351


Jeddah: 0126772983
Riyadh:  599467884
Al Khobar: 0138967147
Dammam: 0138967147
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