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Bourj Hammoud Sanitary Landfills

Bourj Hammoud Sanitary Landfills


ACTS Scope of work included air quality testing and monitoring. Bourj Hammoud Sanitary landfills projects consist of:

  • Construction of sanitary landfill cells (Bourj Hammoud: 126,400 m2 and Jdeideh: 122,700 m2)
  • Implementation of land reclamation areas (Bourj Hammoud: 97,400 m2 and Jdeideh: 119,500 m2)
  • Excavation and removal of the Bourj Hammoud old dump: 3,500,000m3
  • Construction of the breakwaters using Concrete Armor Blocks (Bourj Hammoud: 1500ml and Jdeideh: 1554ml)


  • Country:Lebanon
  • Service:Inspection
  • Sector:Government-public-sector
  • Date:2022-09-23
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