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Advanced Construction Technology Services ACTS and ACI Kuwait Chapter invites you to attend Future Concrete Construction Conference 2019 in Kuwait City.

In Collaboration with American Concrete Institute (ACI) and ASTM International and Sponsored by Saint-Gobain Weber Middle EastLİMAK Holding A.Ş.Kuwait Cement Company and Kuwait Cement Ready Mix Company, Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) and ACI- Kuwait Chapter invites you to attend Future Concrete Construction Conference 2019 in Kuwait City under the title:


Future Concrete, considered as Middle East’s premier learning event for the construction industry, is top-billed by local and international industry experts who will discuss the latest advances and new challenges in the construction industry.

This year’s conference is scheduled on April 30, 2019 in Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait.

For Registration:

For other information call ACTS on +96599882081 or visit

Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) announce their 1st branch in Kigali, Rwanda.

As part of Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) commitment to provide the Construction Industry with the information and professional services required to improve the understanding and use of construction materials, ACTS initiated its 1st branch in Africa, Located in Kigali, Rwanda.

The new branch is consisted of State-of-the-art laboratory that provides a
comprehensive value to ACTS customers in Rwanda and Africa through advanced testing, geotechnical engineering, consulting and training.

ACTS is also the Local Sponsoring Group for the American Concrete Institute (ACI)’s programs in the Middle East and Africa and will be conducting ACI certifications in Rwanda.

In addition, ACTS is the recognized representative of IHS, ASTM, BSI, IEEE and many other global standards development organizations.

For more info about ACTS services and branches please visit

Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) signed an agreement with the Lebanese University for a doctorate scholarship in Civil Engineering.

وقع رئيس الجامعة اللبنانية البروفسور فؤاد أيوب، اتفاقية تعاون مع شركة خدمات تكنولوجيا الإنشاء المتطورة (ACTS)، وذلك في مبنى الإدارة المركزية – المتحف.

تمثل وفد شركة (ACTS) برئيس مجلس إدارتها المهندس خالد عوض، وكل من الأستاذ زياد عوض والدكتور ماهر البراك. وحضر عن الجامعة اللبنانية منسقة العلاقات الخارجية في الجامعة الدكتورة زينب سعد، عميد المعهد العالي للدكتوراه في العلوم والتكنولوجيا الدكتور فواز العمر والدكتور فادي الحاج شحادة.

الى ذلك، تتضمن الاتفاقية تقديم منحة للدكتوراه، وللمرة الثانية على التوالي، تبلغ قيمتها تسعة آلاف دولار سنويا (لمدة ثلاث سنوات) في مجال الهندسة المدنية.

تنص الإتفاقية على تسهيل استقبال الطلاب لإجراء الفحوصات اللازمة في فروع المؤسسة في مجال هندسة البناء والاستشارات العلمية، الفنية والعمل المشترك على تنظيم ورش عمل ومؤتمرات وندوات متخصصة.

وشدد فريقا الاتفاق، على استمرارية التعاون بينهما حفاظا على مصلحة الطلاب وفتح مجالات جديدة أمامهم.

ACTS wins Material Testing and Quality Control at the Kuwait International Airport.

Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) has started a large scale Quality Control and Testing operation at the Kuwait International Airport – The New Terminal Project with a state of the art Laboratory spanning over 280m², another 1000m² for curing, offices and storage area in addition to a team of more than 50 engineers, concrete technologists, inspectors and technicians.

ACTS is handling all the Materials testing scope, ranging from soil and aggregate to concrete and steel.

It is also undertaking a Concrete Quality Control Engineering (CQCE) program where a team of ACTS specialized engineers and concrete technologists, in collaboration with Limak Quality Control team, are overseeing the preplacement, placement and postplacement of concrete, ensuring effective and smooth concreting practices.

The new terminal of Kuwait International Airport is planned to accommodate 13 million passengers per year in the 1st phase with an increase up to to 50 million passengers with future developments.

The new terminal features three symmetrical wings of departures gates, consisting of the new passengers terminal development, a third runway and the renovation of the two existing runways. The facades span 1.2 km and extend from a dramatic 25m high central space with a roof that filter daylight and deflect solar radiation since it is located in one of the hottest climate zones on the earth.  The project designer is Foster and Partners.

Eng. Kayihan Bagdatli – Country Manager, LIMAK Kuwait stated:

“We are glad to work with ACTS on the Kuwait International Airport as they demonstrate their deep knowledge in material’s engineering and testing. The selection of ACTS to carry the quality control and testing program was done after a thorough consideration of their capabilities and expertise in large scale projects. Till date they are well standing up to their reputation.”

The new terminal project targets LEED gold certification and aim to become the world’s first airport to attain this level of environmental accreditation.

Khaled Awad, ACTS Chairman and ACI past president stated:

“The award of the Kuwait international Project reflects the market recognition of ACTS unique expertise in large scale projects. Beside the King Abdul Aziz Airport project and the Kingdom tower in Jeddah, the Riyadh Metro project, the various stadiums and metro lines in Doha, Qatar, we are also proud to be involved with Limak on the Kuwait International Project, one of the most iconic infrastructure projects in the region.

 We look forward to working jointly with Limak to address the various technical challenges on this massive project and achieve a unique output in Quality and Efficiency.”

ACTS is excited to announce that the 2018-2019 scholarship application period is now open.

“Scholarship Announcement”

Part of ACTS mission is to support the students in their continued advancement into the civil engineering industry through providing a fully paid scholarship for a MS degree in Civil Engineering at The University of Balamand, Koura, North Lebanon.


– The candidate requires financial aid to pursue a Master’s degree.- The candidate will need to graduate (or have graduated) from his undergraduate studies with a minimum of 3.5 GPA (or equivalent) in Civil Engineering (some exceptions can be made based on faculty recommendations).

– The emphasis of the Master’s degree will be in materials engineering.

– The candidate must sign a contract to work at ACTS for a minimum of 2 years after graduating from his Masters in the Middle East or Africa (Africa not a condition unless he/she is willing to go there, but definitely must be willing to work in any country in the GCC).

– Students involved with the ACI student chapter and/or have participated in previous ACI competitions will have an advantage.

You can apply through filling the following form:

Application Form



The winners of a regional ACI Eco-Concrete Student Competition recently received their awards at the Future Concrete 2018 conference in Dbayeh, Lebanon.

Fifteen student teams from ten universities competed this year for a first-place trip to The Concrete Convention and Exposition, Las Vegas, USA, October 14-18, 2018. Notre Dame University – Louaize, Lebanon, was the overall winner.

Organized by ACI Lebanon Chapter, Advanced Construction Technology Services, and the Lebanese Concrete Society, the competition promotes the idea of environmental performance in concrete mixture design as an important aspect of sustainability. Teams have the mission to develop an innovative concrete mixture that has the lowest possible environmental impacts, while maintaining optimal mechanical and durability performances.

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For the 1st time in Lebanon, ACTS and ACI Lebanon Chapter announce the ACI EcoConcrete Student Competition.

18 teams from 12 universities all over Lebanon are participating in the ACI EcoConcrete Student Competition that will be held for the 1st time in Lebanon.

This student competition aims to promote the idea of environmental performance in concrete mix design by developing an innovative concrete mixture, which will have the lowest possible environmental impacts while maintaining optimal mechanical and durability performances.

Results will be announced on September 5 during the Future Concrete Conference.

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ACI President Eng. Khaled Awad signed the MOU for international partnership between ACI and Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality and the American Concrete Institute, ACI, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, for international partnership.

Dawood Al Hajiri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality and Khalid Waleed Awadh, president of ACI signed the MoU, which aims at increasing cooperation and coordination between the two parties in improving concrete industries and providing technical expertise to both parties through research, publications, meetings, conferences, websites, professional membership, certification and other agreed activities.

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ACTS present the Only Concrete Repair Code in the World for the 1st time in Middle East

The American Concrete Institute has recently published the newest edition of ACI 562, “Code Requirements for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures and Commentary (ACI 562-16).”

ACI 562-16 was developed to provide design professionals involved in the assessment of existing concrete structures a code for the assessment of the damage and deterioration, and the design of appropriate repair and rehabilitation strategies.

ACI 562-16 Seminar Outline:

  • Need for a repair code
  • Major types of cracks in concrete
  • Consistent repair design
  • Repair construction challenges
  • Significance of a quality assurance program for a successful repair
  • Benefits for the owner
  • Examples throughout the presentation to highlight the major issues
  • A real life repair example to demonstrate the overall use of the repair code

For Registration

ACTS announce their 4th branch in Al Khobar, KSA

As part of Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) commitment to provide the Construction Industry with the information and professional services required to improve the understanding and use of construction materials, ACTS initiated their 4th branch in Saudi Arabia that is Located in AlKhobar.

This branch provides a comprehensive value to ACTS customers in the Kingdom and GCC through the services and experience in enhancing and maintaining the Construction Industry.

It is worth to mention that ACTS is the Local Sponsoring Group for the American Concrete Institute (ACI)’s programs in the Middle East and the first consulting firm in the Middle East to obtain the ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Also, ACTS is the recognized representative of IHS, ASTM, BSI, IEEE and many other global standards development organizations.

For more info about ACTS services

ACTS launch the ACI Training and Certification programs.

For the first time ever in Rwanda, ACTS launch the ACI Training and Certification programs starting with ACI Grade I – Concrete Field Testing Technician in Kigali.
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ACI President & ACTS Chairman, Mr. Khaled Walid Awad bolsters India Chapter’s Board of Direction meeting.

On the eve of the International Conference on Repairs, Retrofitting and Forensic Engineering of Built Structures, the India Chapter held a Board of Direction meeting which was bolstered with the presence and participation of ACI President, Mr. Khaled Walid Awad. At the meeting, President Awad met the Chapter’s newly elected Directors – a young team of Office bearers with an average age of 35 years, along with senior Directors and Past Presidents who strengthen the Board with their wisdom and rich experience. Read More…

Khaled Awad, First Middle East President of ACI addressed the Fall Convention 2017 in California – USA

Khaled Awad, the first president of the American Concrete institute from outside the Americas, made his first address as President. Awad spoke at the fall 2017 Concrete Convention and Exposition held at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. The convention theme was “Making Connections”.
As the leading world authority and resource on concrete, ACI has a long-standing history of bringing together concrete professionals from around the world for the development and dissemination of concrete technology.
Awad announced some major strategic accomplishments for ACI and specifically in the Middle East region.
“The Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization, known as the GSO, recently signed a cooperation agreement with ACI. Specifically, the agreement provides permission to use the ACI 318 Building Code, the Specifications for Structural Concrete, and Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures to develop a Gulf Building Code.”
He further added – “ACI will continue its outreach to the Middle East by participating in the inaugural Big 5 Heavy exhibition and show at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates. ACI will present The Concrete Essentials Seminar Series, a two-day educational event to give attendees an in-depth look into topics like concrete durability, repair, and self-consolidating concrete.”
ACI recently established two Editorial Boards for the Structural and Materials journals. The formation of these Boards will have a paramount impact on concrete research and concrete technology advancement. ACI student competitions have been initiated in Lebanon and Qatar.  Similar student competitions will take place in Egypt, India, and Pakistan before year end.
After serving a two-year stint as Vice-president, Khaled Awad – Chairman and Founder of ACTS and former Director of Masdar city– was elected as ACI President during the Spring Convention held earlier this year in Detroit, Michigan. Awad is the first ACI member from the Middle East to assume this role.

ACTS announces winners for the 2017 ACI Egg Protection Device Student Competition!

ACTS announces winners for the 2017 ACI Egg Protection Device Student Competition!ACTS & ACI Lebanon Chapter organized the ACI Egg Protection Device Student Competition. The contest attracted 20 competing teams from the Lebanese Universities. Supported by Cimenterie Nationale, winner prize is a trip to attend the ACI Convention in Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California.Read More…

ACTS is collaborating with Ministry of Works, Orders Of Engineers,  and ACI Lebanon Chapter for this year’s staging of Future Concrete Conference.

Organized by ACTS, Future Concrete is considered as Middle East’s premier learning event for the construction industry and is top-billed by local and international industry experts who  discuss the latest advances and new challenges in the construction industry.

Another highlight of the event is the announcement of the winning team from a student competition called “ACI Student Competition”. A collaboration between ACTS and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Lebanon Chapter, the competition is a pre-event feature of Future Concrete Conference. The competition, attracts groups from different universities, and the winning team is granted a trip to the United States of America to attend the ACI Convention.Read More…

ACI President and ACTS Chairman Mr. Khaled Awad new President’s memo “ACI…WELL EQUIPPED FOR THE FUTURE”.

In my last memo, I mentioned the work of the ACI Outlook 2030 Task Group, which was chaired by ACI Senior Vice President David Lange and led to developing the Institute’s vision for 2030. I was fortunate to attend and participate in several of the group’s visioning sessions. Questions about the “threat” of disruptive technology and the relevance of ACI, decades from now and in a rapidly changing world, as well as other thought-provoking ideas, were fleshed out. Had it not been for David’s ability to channel the tendency we all had to dream big and structure the discussions to produce a clear roadmap, the task group might still be “imagining” the future.

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ACI President and ACTS Chairman Mr. Khaled Awad new President’s memo “BUILDING THE GLOBAL CONCRETE COMMUNITY”.

The topic of relevance is a core aspect of ACI’s strategic plan. Actually, the first task assigned to new ACI Board of Direction members is to read Race for Relevance by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers. Questions about relevance impact all standards development organizations (SDOs) like ACI. In a world driven by a superfast technology train, how can SDOs be as impactful tomorrow as they have been in the past? Isn’t it easier to find a quick (and free) answer on Google, YouTube, or Wikipedia, rather than purchase and dive into hundreds of pages of codes and standards?

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Khaled Awad, founding chairman of Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS), was recently elected as the president of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He is the first ACI member from the Middle East to assume the role of president. In his new role, Awad tells Construction Week that he intends to make sure that the organisation succeeds in broadening its global reach.

ACTS bags quality control, geotechnical and testing works on Qatar stadiums

ACTS has already completed its task to conduct geophysical surveys on the Al Wakrah Stadium. In addition, ACTS has been appointed to perform various additional geotechnical and geophysical tasks along with the construction materials testing related to the same stadium. The 40,000-seater facility is located approximately 15 kilometres south of Doha, and will host World Cup quarterfinal matches. ACTS is also currently involved in the works on the other four stadiums that are under construction in Qatar.

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The ERESCO MF4 – For the toughest of tasks!

In line with our Quality-rooted consulting services, we added to our equipment fleet the ERESCO MF4 which is a Reliable, Lightweight, Portable X-Ray Generator. The ERESCO MF4 range of X-ray generators finds application throughout the industrial spectrum in the inspection of welds and in the examinations for structural integrity.

The 2017 Training Calendar is available!

We’re proud to announce the 2017 course offerings, specifically designed for anyone looking to engage in various ACI training programs! Part of ACTS’ core mission is to professionalize the industry and to elevate the quality of the construction field in the region. We do this by conducting regular training sessions related to construction as well as in-house and tailor-made courses to fit customer needs. We cover topics including: field and laboratory testing and evaluation of concrete and construction materials, concrete advanced technologies and mix design, understanding of ready mixed concrete, construction practices, mass concrete, hot and cold weather concreting, field quality control, inspection of structures, non-destructive testing and special investigations, soils testing and evaluation, hot mix Asphalt technology, etc… We also facilitate ACI certifications to individuals dedicated to pursuing higher standards. ACI certifications are valid for 5 years.

Check out the Training Calendar…

ACTS & ACI Lebanon Chapter (Lebanese Concrete Society) reveal winners of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball competition

Advanced Construction and Technology Services (ACTS) has revealed that a University of Balamand team has become the winner of the 2016 ACI Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Bowling Ball Student Competition. The competition was held as part of the international Future Concrete Conference that was organized by ACTS in cooperation with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Lebanon Chapter (Lebanese Concrete Society). The top-placed team from the University of Balamand, comprised of Ramez Bou Rizk and Elie Nasr, won an all-expense trip to the United States of America to attend the ACI Fall Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania slated in October this year. Two teams shared Second Place Honors, namely Khaled Boukhari and Amer Al Arab from Beirut Arab University, Debbieh, and Antoine Helal and Dola Nehme, also from the University of Balamand. Ali Baddah and Moussa Houjeiri from Lebanese University, Hadath, meanwhile, secured third place finish in the contest. The second and third placed winners received cash prizes as well as certificates of recognition. Cimenterie Nationale, a leader in the Lebanese cement industry, sponsored the awards.

Future Concrete 2016 is only a few days away!

ACTS & ACI Lebanon Chapter (Lebanese Concrete Society) has announced this year’s international Future Concrete conference which will focus on managing construction sites. The 5th Future Concrete Conference will be held on August 25th at the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel, Lebanon.Read More…

ACTS strengthens presence in the Middle East with the opening of new branch in Lebanon

In line with its intensive growth strategy and its continuing commitment to meet client needs, ACTS has formally announced the opening of a new branch in Tripoli, Lebanon. Located in Al-Qalamoun, Tripoli, the new facility features a state-of-the-art laboratory fully equipped to perform various field sampling and materials testing procedures, such as compressive strength of concrete cylinders, curing of concrete cylinders, sieve analysis of aggregates, specific gravity and absorption of aggregates (fine and course), material finer of aggregates (fine and course), and sand equivalent of fine aggregate, among others.